Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kristi Yamaguchi Tours FatCat Animation Studio

On October 11, Olympic Ice Skating Gold Medalist and Champion of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars Kristi Yamaguchi was in Tempe, Arizona to tour FatCat Animation Studio. Co-Founders Len Simon, James Stoyanof, franchise creator Roger Anthony, CNW Entertainment CEO Nicholas Zaldastani and their creative team gave Kristi a VIP tour of the studio and special screenings of behind-the-scenes productions in the CrocPond franchise.

As announced earlier, CrocPond was a local sponsor of the Kristi Yamaguchi’s annual Friends and Family Ice Show being broadcast on NBC Saturday, November 8, promoting the award-winning Rindin the Puffer animated short and the CrocPond brand.

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Anonymous said...

Nicholas Zaldastani had not paid his employees at Fatcat animation for weeks prior to this event and weeks after. He did however give them $100.00 on the Friday before the event. Nicholas had stopped paying the premiums for the employees health insurance and as a result it was stopped. He never informed anyone at the studio that he stopped paying. It was when an employee went to the doctors and was told that Smith Administrators was not covering any benefits. She was told to contact Nicholas Zaldastani. Nicholas Zaldastani never returned any calls or emails from employees as to why their medical benefits were canceled. Yet he paid over $80,000.00 to sponsor this event.